Google Photosphere XMP, GPS cross-platform tagging method

: 16-12-2013, 15:48
Rapidly entered in the trend - new service Google Maps Views. It is possible that many panoramic photographers wanted for a long time. But the complexity of tagging non-android devices, forced to lose many time via on-line tagging service.

This method gives you faster speed in GPS, XMP tagging and even for batch processing your photospheres (3D panoramas).

Not yet invented (hopefully soon) "all in one" - is temporarily make your life easier. To do this, we need two nice programs and one midstream - ExifTool. You'll be able to very quickly and most importantly - to visually set the data for your own files. And even the exact direction in the North!

pyExifToolGUI (and refer to the manual for proper installation for different OSs)
Is completely free -

Pano2VR - this shareware, but ... for the needs of our trial program features are fully functional are available to take us to the result required. To do this - it's free :) -

*We use only a small possibility GUI set our data. And that's all... If you are tuned for more, then buy this program.

The first thing that we need - is to enter the XMP data in a file in order to service Google Maps Views recognized as a spherical panorama projection. You can do this manually or use pyExifToolGUI my template from which will copy the data set, you can also make your such a template. Default is the my optimal size, which will differ from your original - 8000x4000px.

Download my template (just black cover) - photosphere_tagging_template.jpg (XMP only).

Second - you must install the GPS data. I think for this more comments not need, because in the video is clear and understandable.

But I want in finally say a terrible secret - GPS data no need at all, only XMP. You can set coordinates when upload photosphere on the service. I injected the GPS to a file, simply because so looks like as complete workflow :)))

Good day and mood.